Restaurants, Retail, Dentist, etc.

For the first time small businesses can take advantage of the same services “big-box stores, and large corporations” have been providing for decades. Our “Automated Marketing Program” connects you with customers/clients the best way - via TEXTS.


Accounting, Insurance, Tax

Extend your professional capabilities to anyone you desire. Every insurance or tax representative can use more referrals!

An accounting and insurance firm relies on repeat customers year after year. We have the solution for you.


Charity, Event planning & Non-profits

Organizing club events and community functions is a daunting task. Managing everything on the event’s day is even more nerve wracking.

It’s the perfect opportunity for us to help capture an enormous audience into your database for future events.



Bring in massive crowds. Increase ticket sales, promote an artist, band, play, social event, etc. We will help you build a VIP member’s list and boost awareness to any event or function.


Car Wash, AUTO Repair & Dealerships

Automotive businesses always need a flow of new customers and repeat visits. Repair shops use our tablet integration (check-in) to build loyal customers and repeat visits.


Health & Wellness

Drive customers back repeatedly with real-time marketing for weekly classes, birthdays, holidays, special events.

Our customer loyalty program and preset campaigns are perfect for you.



Instantly reach target voters 99% of the time!!! Get out your political messages immediately.

Fund raise on demand. Last minute “get out to vote” reminders the day before and the day of election and more.



Let technology make capturing a lead or business contact and effortless and fun one.

It’s like having multiple clones of yourself!



How many unopened texts does a college or graduate student or business professional have?

Answer: NONE