Imagine having an assistant that can reach out to leads, prospects, clients and having your advertising or messages read 99% of the time.


Turn your NAME into a BRAND!

ConnectionText is helping professionals better connect and engage with prospects - gain repeat business - obtain massive amounts of referrals and save time.

For entrepreneurs and business professional LEADS are the top priority for their business. Setting formal meetings are time consuming - following-up can be daunting.

With ConnectionText, our top priority is providing EASE & CONVENIENCE - making your life and daily operations 100 times easier.


Benefits our Automated Marketing

Most of us have 2-3 email addresses, prospects pay attention to roughly 20% and ignore the rest. Our system will get your marketing message out AUTOMAGICALLY and produce 99% open rate with conversions up to 25%.

We help you create preset automated messages that can be sent out up to 365 days. Once it’s set, no additional efforts are needed. - Plus more cool features! See details below…



Familiar with text-to-join? Often used by larger corporations who can afford the high costs usually associated. Plus they have a team of IT professionals.

ConnectionText has changed the game. We’ve developed solutions to help the average person have the same opportunities as large big name companies that have been using automatic marketing and similar technology for decades.

Our text-to-join feature MAXIMIZES your capabilities and creates clones of yourself EVERYWHERE.


Here’s a LIVE example: TEXT the word Smile to this 5 digit # 4 2 6 7 1 (don’t worry, basic texts and data rates applies and no spamming)<~TRY IT

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