Restaurants & Retail

All local businesses - Boutiques, Catering, Clothing, Coffee shops, Diners, all types of Restaurants, Salons & Spas, Shoes, Specialty Goods & Products  

For the first time small businesses can take advantage of the same services “big-box” stores have been providing for decades. Large corporations and Big-Box stores know the power of Rewards Programs; even credit card companies are using it. They fully understand that to obtain and keep a customer you have to give them the feeling of belonging to something rewarding. A happy and satisfied customer will come in to shop again and again and refer your business.

We bring the power to you and help you to generate revenue from:

Client Retention - get subscribers to come back more frequently (we have statistics to prove and show ROI)

New Clients – through our social media integration along with the viral nature of text messaging, new customers will be introduced to your business by expanding your digital foot print

  • Our service allows you to take control of the revenue by tracking business reports and analytics

  •  Drive customers back repeatedly with real-time marketing for daily specials, holidays, special events, etc

  •  Attract new customers through increased social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, etc)

  • The goal of text marketing is to build a database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty.

With our Text Marketing Technology, YOU can now compete with the Big-Box stores without worrying about huge overhead or start up cost.

You get complete white glove service that is cost effective and boost great ROI.

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