industries we serve

We have the # 1 Texting Platform.

Here are the diverse industries that use ConnectionText to connect, retain and grow their clientele and customer groups.



Auditing, Financial, Government, Management consultancy & cost accounting, Taxation

Extend your professional capabilities to anyone you desire.

An accounting firm relies on repeat customers year after year and can provide many services to that individual as time progresses and they age. The issues most firms face are retaining these customers. They engage with clients by email and hope that if ever in need these clients will reach out.

Communities & Groups

Groups, Clubs, Community Functions, Events

Organizing club events and community functions is a daunting task. Managing everything on the event’s day is even more nerve wrecking. However, it’s a perfect opportunity for us to help capture an enormous audience into your database for future events.

Consulting & Services

Advisors, Artists, Business owners, E-Commerce, Independent Contractors

Do you constantly need to fill and retain your book of business? Is your social media a key way to generate new clients? Want to engage current customers with promotional offers or advice? Introduce new products and services to current clients? We have you covered! You do not have to be a multi-person or multipurpose business for to us help.


Artists, Clubs, Concerts, Events, Theater, Musicians

Bring in that massive crowd!

Increase ticket sales; promote an artist/band/play etc. We will help you build a VIP member’s club.


Local, National and Global

Automotive businesses always need new flow of customers and repeat visits. We use text to win sweepstakes at events, on your website, on social media pages to generate leads and subscribers.

Health & Wellness

Acupuncture, Massage, Spa, Yoga

Our service allows you to take control of the revenue by tracking business reports and analytics. Drive customers back repeatedly with real-time marketing for weekly classes, birthdays, holidays, special events, etc.


Advisors, Agents, Agencies, Companies

Extend your professional capabilities to anyone you desire. Every insurance representative can use more referrals!


Charity, Franchises, Library, Local & State departments, Non-profits

The days of reaching any audience with emails and flyers are becoming a thing of the past. Let us help you live in the present!

Restaurants & Retail

All local businesses - Pizzeria, Catering, Coffee shops, Diners, all types of Restaurants – Clothing, Boutique, Shoes, Specialty Goods/Products

For the first time small businesses can take advantage of the same services “big-box” stores have been providing for decades.

Sports & Recreation

Coaches, Country Clubs, Events, Gyms, Leagues, Organizers, Trainers

Now with the power of text marketing and our cutting edge technology you can engage with clients, customers, members, parents, and the community around you.


Alumni, Calendars, Course Updates, Events, Newsletters, Parents, Special Announcements

How many unopened texts do you think a college or graduate student or business professional have?