Detailed Sample Campaign:


Here is a description of your campaign.

1st Message: includes your contact info:

“Welcome to my DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD. Very nice to meet you! - Your Name - Cell Number - Email and Website link:”

2nd message: The next day they AUTOMATICALLY get a follow-up TEXT:

“Nice meeting you yesterday! I think there is great synergy between our services. Here’s a link to my calendar, let’s connect or email me directly @ your email here.

7 days from 1st meeting them: whatever marketing message you prefer:

“Connect & Engage instantly with your customers and prospects through our perfectly-timed text messages. Tel # and Website:

Day 15, then day 31, then day 50, etc …will contain an ongoing marketing campaign reminding them of your services. Producing referrals and repeat business:

(your name) form (your company) here. Just saying Hello! I appreciate your business and generosity. Please keep me in mind if you need anything. (your website or contact info)

Recap - After the first week you should have set a meeting, after the meeting it’s time to let our text marketing platform continue to work for you - Automatic texts can be sent in any amount of days (every 5/10/20/40 days etc), helping to keep you and your services at top of their mind.

Our automated marketing and texting technology is a powerful tool used to:

Generate better business relations: send monthly or quarterly broadcast messages to all your subscribers reminding them of upcoming events or your services, etc.

Our automatic message campaigns are not dehumanize. They contain a personal touch and are precisely spaced out long enough that they are not cumbersome yet they keep your services in front of your CLIENTS & PROSPECTS; allowing you to Generate REFERRALS and REPEAT business.

They are perfect for any professional that provides services - you never know who a past client is sitting next to or speaking with, when they receive the text - maybe their friend just mentioned possibly looking for a house (awesome opportunity for a realtor or mortgagor), or their having a baby (great for an life insurance rep, life coach, event planner), or buying a second car for their spouse or child (auto salesman and insurance rep can benefit from this), or getting married (perfect for event planners) - the possibilities are endless!

It's literally worry free. All you have to do is tell us how often you want us to send a follow-up message to your prospect and subscribers or use our proven preset templates and our system will get your marketing message out to them automagically. - Plus more cool features! - Messages will include ANY link you prefer, directing prospects to your CALENDAR, your website, Ebooks, email, your # to call/text and more.

Helping you connect with your target audience using the #1 Texting Platform - bringing automation and affordability to those who need it most!