Charity, Franchises, Library, Local & State departments, Non-profits:

The days of reaching any audience with emails and flyers are becoming a thing of the past. New advancements in technology have caused a shift away from the computer to the Mobile phone or Tablet.

  • How often do you read a flyer in your mailbox? (reaches the paper bin before it’s fully opened)

  • How many unopened emails do you have? (too many to count)

  • How many unopened text messages do you have? (almost zero)

Continue your current form of marketing and outreach campaigns, BUT, add Text Marketing to help fill the gaps. With a 98% open rate in 15 minutes and conversion of 10 – 20% (in comparison emails have 22% open rate in 48hrs with 3% conversion) text messaging is changing the way businesses engage with people.

We provide: Easy integration and usability (create your own marketing campaign or we can do it for you)

We will work closely with your business by helping to convert all current contacts, email list, subscribers, vendors, and sponsors etc. to join your text marketing program, allowing them to receive your most urgent messages instantly.  

Visibility and exposure are the most important aspects of marketing for organizations. Utilizing our simple yet advanced text marketing technology along with your current advertisements will help you gain maximum exposure.

No other form of marketing is as efficient and as cost effective.  

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