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Phases of Account Setup



Set up and information gathering

In this step ConnectionText will be requesting that the client provide all required material for project build.

Follow up details identified

This step allows ConnectionText to review information shared and will determine if any additional material will be needed in order to begin the build phase.



Website/Order page designed

During this step, ConnectionText will be building and designing the project based on the needs of the client. This step involves adding in all restaurant materials (ex: menus) and images to the project.

Website/Ordering  page tested and reviewed

One design is complete, ConnectionText will test the project to make sure all material works properly and is error free. Once this process has been completed, this project will be shared with the client.



On-boarding  materials shared

This is when ConnectionText will share all on-boarding materials with the client so they understand all required material for setting up and running their restaurant website and online ordering system.


This involves ConnectionText sharing training guides to client for them to learn how to use the the platform and manage their online orders. 


This is when the project is “turned on” and restaurant customers can interact with the platform.