how it works


The concept is simple but our purpose is GAME CHANGING.

In today’s tech and globalize world, the top priority is how many subscribers and customers are you able to capture and engage. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, credit card companies, big box stores, even Amazon knowsThe concept is simple but our purpose is astronomical. the value of having a subscriber base. They know that once someone joins their platform it’s easier to connect with them and the odds of them being a repeat visitor/customer goes up significantly (e.g. Amazon Prime Membership).

Lock them in and keep them coming back.

Benefits for your organization

  • Ability to reach current clients/donors/members/vendors etc., 99% of the time!!!

  • Create brand awareness and increase visibility to your company. This allows you to capture and convert audiences from anywhere into prospects/members/donors. From: website traffic, events, social media, flyers, ads, signage, emails, videos, radio, TV, any form of advertisement your company is currently using can incorporate our technology  

  • Maximize exposure and response rate 5x compared to emails, fill event seats, increase donations and much more.

  • Allows your audience to avoid the daily clutter and easily read your important and urgent messages within minutes.

How it works

  • We create different opt-in campaigns for new and current clients.

  • We develop Text to join features and designated key-words to generate new leads, subscribers and connect to mass audiences anywhere. (e.g. text Connect to 42671)  ← try it!

  • Easy integration and usability; we have a system that will convert current contacts, email list, etc. to join the text marketing program. Get the most out of your efforts by using both emails and our texting program.

  • Real time marketing and many more services to boost traffic and awareness to your company’s goals leading to increase in revenue.

  • Get real time updates on subscribers, business reports and analytics.



Build your customer list effortlessly so you can connect with customers when you want.

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Reward customers to increase repeat visits and drive incentives to keep your business top-of-mind.

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Communicate with customers via text message — there's no spam box and 98% of messages are read.

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