The concept is simple but our purpose is Game Changing!

FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Big Box stores, even Amazon knows the value of having a subscriber base. They know once someone joins their platform it’s easier to connect with them and the odds of them being a repeat visitor/customer goes up significantly


How it works

Here’s one LIVE example: TEXT the word Smile to this 5 digit # 4 2 6 7 1 (don’t worry, basic texts and data rates applies and no spamming)<~TRY IT

The text you’ll receive are of a preset automated campaign we built that showcases our advertising tool. We will create multiple campaigns for you so you can launch different marketing campaigns for different causes. Everything is fully customizable to fit your business needs.

full breakdown below…





Our preset messaging service keeps your information in front of your target audience without any hassle on your part. Preset messages are fully customizable and incorporate links and images, along with any other information you want to convey to your target audience. They can be scheduled to go out automatically at any time-frame you want. From the day of opt-in to everyday after or any predetermined time, all the way out to 365(+) days in advance. Once preset messaging campaigns are set, no other work is needed. Imagine the amount of time saved with this powerful automatic follow-up and advertising feature.



Our broadcast messaging feature allows you to send a text blast to all subscribers whenever you want. Have an upcoming event, promotional offer, or important info to convey? Broadcasts let you instantly connect and communicate with your subscribers to fill event seats, take surveys, get out to vote, fund-raise on demand, direct them to any web link you desire and more.


Text-to-Join: you can simply use of a custom Keyword and a Short code that allows you to capture subscribers into your texting campaign from anywhere. (e.g. text Smile to 42671). - Verbally, such as speaking on stage, while having a conversation, Radio and TV. - Any type of print like business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, yard signs, posters, billboard. - From social media pages, website, through personal texts, in emails, on Ads, on checkout page for E-commerce, ANY form of digital platform.



Tablet Check-In (optional): with our tablet integration, our software separates itself from any other SMS and MMS texting company in the nation. Perfect for events and local retail businesses.


The Web-Widget is another amazing feature that’s exclusive to our software. Similar concept to other opt-in widgets you generally find on websites (join our email, monthly newsletter…), our widget allows you to capture subscribers full-name, email, and phone number, but the beauty of ours is their also opting-in to your Texting Campaign.



Track Analytics: state of the art back-end platform that within minutes allows you to know how many subscribers have joined, respond to messages, run sweepstakes and more.