The concept is simple but our purpose is Game Changing!

In today’s tech and globalize world, the top priority is how many subscribers and customers are you able to capture and engage.

FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, big box stores, even Amazon knows the value of having a subscriber base.They know that once someone joins their platform it’s easier to connect with them and the odds of them being a repeat visitor/customer goes up significantly (e.g. Amazon Prime Membership).

Lock them in and keep them coming back over and over again.

Uses & Benefits for you or your organization

  • INSTANTLY reach your target audience: business associates, customers, donors, prospects, voters etc., 99% of the time!!!

  • Get out your messages IMMEDIATELY.

  • SIMPLE text-to-join. No forms to fill, no lengthy enrollments,

  • Maximize exposure and response rate 8X compared to emails, fill event seats, increase donations and much more.

  • Allows your target audience to avoid the daily clutter and easily read your important and urgent messages within minutes.

  • Create brand awareness and increase visibility. Capture and convert audiences from anywhere into donors, prospects, voters etc.

How it works

Familiar with text-to-join? Often used by larger corporations, not by individuals like yourself or small businesses because of the high costs usually associated. Plus you’ll need a team of IT professionals. Software usage and compliance issues are a pain.

ConnectionText has changed the game. We’ve developed solutions to help the average person have the same opportunities as large big name companies that have been using automatic marketing and similar technology for decades.

Our text-to-join feature MAXIMIZES your capabilities and creates clones of yourself EVERYWHERE. It can be on your Digital & Written Ads, Emails, Events, Flyers, Radio, Signage, Social Media Page, TV, Video Ads, Website, and more.


Our technology and services are in full compliance with The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM Act. We have you covered.